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Christel A

Latvia Age Debut: 18


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mariom 6 years ago

Christel is such a cutie! Would love to see more pics of her ass & legs (preferably from behind).


sirreel 6 years ago

Such a beautiful sweetheart.. I always desire to see more..!!


Rich 6 years ago

The only thing wrong with these sets, is purely the responsibility of the shooter. And that's all Koenart did here in Christel's 3 sets. Just clicked the shutter, with an absolutely blank mind and totally blind to the images.

In nearly all her images, her head is tilted (often drastically), to the left, and turned left, with her hair pushed back over her right shoulder. This has left the right side of her face looking flat and shapeless.

With her hair being so straight, her hair should be evenly spread, with her head erect, no matter which way she is looking. Tilting her head way beyond the line of her shoulders is B/S as well!!

At just 5' 4" her figure ain't at all bad.

So, Mr/Ms/Mrs/Miss Koenart - Closer Attention to Detail if you please!! This girl is a Stunner - in the proper circumstances.


Leon 6 years ago

this look, those eyes, her smile, her sensualitiy, the sexy slender Body...
... a dream of a woman


a2m2 6 years ago

That cute girl-next-door look and that "happy" aura she has in her sets are just great, very lovable woman.


doggleboon 6 years ago

Thank you for turning off the caps lock!


Frilly Knickers Lover 6 years ago

Very pretty and sexy but she really needs to indulge in some really delicious fattening meals.


doggleboon 6 years ago

I agree. Beautiful, sexy girl but she would be even more beautiful and sexy with another 5-10 pounds added.

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