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Frances A

Ukraine Age Debut: 21


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Photos with Frances A

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88chicken 1 year ago

The finest, most beautiful blonde ever featured on MetArt!


Veinyhand lover 2 years ago



hgby 2 years ago

Don't want to be a Negative Nacy, but like another member mentioned before, I've seen her on other sites and she got her beauty airbrushed right out of her under the name Frances A .What a shame she is a true gem didn't see a need for it :[


foofslou 3 years ago

What can I say? I just found this beauty. I would say Sleek Sheik and Unique! That face is perfectly classic. One of a kind. A heart stopper. I could almost lose my breath watching her. I am willing to try though so send her over asap.


BigDicky 3 years ago

hi Frances Can you pose in a Movie dancing or stripteas

I would love to see you



SouthernMaster 3 years ago

Damn photographers can't show a girl naturally, they just have to airbrush out "imperfections." I've seen this girl on other sites, so I state the facts.


kmkronful 4 years ago

This model is not skinny. She has a curvaceous body with medium boobs, long legs, and curvy ass with delicious shaved pussy.

i adore her body


Phalanx78 4 years ago

Frances surely must be what dreams are carved from. Truly one of MA's most stunning beauties.


Michael1185 4 years ago

It's been too long since we saw anything new from Francis! WE NEED MORE!!! PLEASE!!!


Rich 4 years ago

Almost 3 hours to download these 18 stunning sets of one of the most sensationally gorgeous and attractive young women on M-A.

What STUNS me, is 6 photographers could retire this beautiful, exciting and energetic young lady so abruptly.

I think all you guys should go sit in the corner with that funny cone hat on your head, with the big letter 'D' for Dunce on it, for letting Frances go at all!! For Any reason!!

Perhaps a couple of dozen update sets of this exquisite beauty would atone for your lapse in concentration and appreciation of pure beauty since SEPTEMBER 28, 2011!!!! Cheers:-) Thanks guys.

And while you're at it, remind Frances that her 5,515 fans out here are all-but Demanding her return to M-A.


Roger 5 years agoLifetime member

Frances A is another Girl to marry immediately:-) She likes travel (me too). I visited Australia, Singapore, South America, Bali, ... I'm Italian but I live in Switzerland near Lucerne now. Near by there's a lot of snow in the mountains for practice snowboard and skiing like Frances... A place for her... Dream girly:-)