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Kitty B

Ukraine Age Debut: 18


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Elduraverga 3 years ago

Fantastic Woman! Oh, yeah, such a beautiful face! Enchanting eyes! Awesome body! Succulent pussy!


Rich 6 years ago

Kitty sits proudly in first equal on my Top 10 list:-) Another 8 or 50 sets and she's have the position on her own!!:-)

Thank you Kitty, for sharing your absolute perfection.

Thanks also to Giovanni and Leonardo for bringing unique, one-of-a-kind beauty to our attention. You have both worked superbly with this glamorous lady.

I'm not a fan of models in water, but Giovanni, that opening set with Kitty in the raging river is stunning work from both of you. The markings on the plane in Decoller also gave me the location of the shoot. Terrific.

Leonardo, the image size in your sets is fantastic, sharp and great camera work.

The MUAH is to be lauded too, for Kitty's make-up and hair. Just loved her pony-tail in Foret, and the Autumn colors are truly stunning. I can't pick a 'Best' set.


pinupartist 6 years ago

Kitty has to be the most attractive model on this site ! Great tat as well !


rbrdb55 6 years ago

none of the set's are that good show some labia

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