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Liza I

Russian Federation Age Debut: 20


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whiskyjohn 1 year agoLifetime member

There's a set of her at MetModels - "Iconic" under the name Lisa.


Jamesy 4 years ago

There are 10 sets of her over at (formerly metmodels) for those who are interested (same name as here- Liza I).


Beldray 3 years ago

She has a massive portfolio out there, mostly AKA Summer Breeze.


vger_man 4 years ago

did a bit of an archive binge today. Two sets by pretty girls who only did one set each... and now two sets by two models who only did two sets each...

So man 'hidden' jewels. So many promising models... kind of sad.


MX338 4 years ago

Super fucking hot pussy-way underrated!

A quite wonderful girl - shame there's not more sets of her here at Met.