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Lucy C

Czech Republic Age Debut: 22


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SchwarzeEule 2 years ago

My god, what magnificent breasts she has!


a fan 3 years ago

Best tits ever


mdestin78 3 years ago

Oh to see her get a creampie...


Billie73 4 years ago

I am sorry to hear that Lucy has gone off the radar. She is exquisite and truly one of most beautiful women I have ever seen. Long may she reign


oscar II 4 years ago

I highly regret that she is gone from The Met. She has the biggest boobs on the whole Met, and I miss her so. Please come back Lucy!!!


oscar 4 years ago

I really don´t understand why her rating is not higher than 7,83. I give her 10+++.


Moosecat 5 months ago

Looks like she was auditioning for Playboy instead of Penthouse.


oscar 4 years ago

Yes, me too. I want more of her. Please come back, Lucy. I love big boobs, and You are the very best of them all!! I adore you!!


Sailor 6 years ago

I agree. Lucy is something to behold. I'd love to see more of her—especially with better photography. I bet Rylsky would really make her shine.


bikeman4 6 years ago

Lucy is a sexy girl with a superb body & of course one of the most amazing set of breasts to appear on Met.

Lucy appears to have vanished off the radar - is there any chance of more sets of her ever again?


yojimbo 5 years ago

Safe to say that she does not model anymore and stopped some time in 2009.I honestly suspect that had short "fling" with nude modeling that lasted a year.

I have seen contradictory information on her some places say she is Czech others say that she is Slovakian.I think she is a really Slovakian and perhaps lives/lived in CZ or that was just "stage history".

Anyway she seemed have no interest in "gyno" style shots and some places can be pushy on models (some of the other sites she also appeared on) to be more hardcore and that I think causes girls to become disgusted with the industry and stop posing.