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Russian Federation Age Debut: 24


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likemsmall 2 years ago

What can one say... WOW! A stunning beauty. A very pretty face. A fit toned body, she is perfection. Lovely breasts, great nippples and a stunning pussy. Love those large lips, both sets. I would love to see more of Maddie.


beetle 2 years ago

A graceful, slender and petite girl. Delicate, fragile and worth protecting. This is all Maddie.
Maddie is also a very erotic girl. Smooth face, brown eyes. Long brown hair.
The long slender body is adorned by small busts, with dark fixed nipples throning. Very beautiful.
The pussy and the labia are also more petite. The butt is small, but firm and round.
The legs are sensational. Very long, slim with narrow ankles. The nice feet are smooth and soft. Very well formed.
Maddie is an impressive girl


wildthing 2 years ago